Bentley Continental Gt/C / Flying Spur Brakes

With the performance of the Bentley GT models you need to be certain the braking system is up to scratch.

To renew the brake components – including electronic re-set of the electronic parking brake and inclination sensor for automatic release and hill-start – specialist Bentley tools are required. We have all the genuine specialist Bentley tools required to complete these tasks, and only supply genuine replacement parts.

We also offer brake upgrades to Bentley Continental Super Sport ceramic discs specification, should you require additional braking performance.

The following prices are inclusive of labour and all genuine parts + VAT

Front pads £ 325.81

Front Discs & Pads  £ 836.11

Rear Pads £ 203.79

Rear Discs & Pads £ 365.71

For Super Sports and Brake upgrades, please contact our service department for current prices

All prices up dated January 2013, occasional price variations may occur due to manufacturers parts fluctuations.

Please feel free to contact our service department with the exact specification of your motorcar. We will advise on service and other works necessary and be pleased to provide you with a personal estimate for your consideration.