Bentley Continental GT, GTC & Flying Spur Servicing

RR&B Garages offer the highest standards of Rolls-Royce and Bentley servicing. We carry the traditional values for servicing vintage and classic models through to servicing of the Bentley Continental GT, GTC and Flying Spur range of motor cars.

Our Highly skilled and experienced Bentley trained technicians work with pride on service work to and beyond the Bentley Motor Cars service schedules. We use only Bentley supplied and approved test equipment and service tools and fit genuine Bentley Crewe parts  and Mobil lubricants.

In many cases we go beyond the recommended schedules to complete other minor adjustments and localised protection of the underside but include these items in our fixed costs to give your car the attention it deserves.

All Servicing complies with the requirements for cars covered by Bentley manufacturers and Bentley extended warranties.

Below is our Bentley GT series fixed price servicing prices. Please bear in mind we are competitive for completing the correct schedule to the highest standards. We only use Genuine Bentley tools and equipment and fit genuine Bentley Crewe parts and Mobil lubricants.  To complement our high quality service we include collection and delivery of your prized possession within a 40 Mile radius in our own covered transporter.

(beyond this distance at cost see our transport page)

Please Note :- We don’t publish unrealistic low prices to capture business or profess to be the cheapest but if your Bentley is to be correctly maintained to provide you with reliability and enjoyable motoring then why compromise?

(Service interval every 10,000 miles or every 12 months, whichever the sooner)

Year 1 / 10,000 miles £ 587.51

Year 2 / 20,000 miles £ 771.61

Year 3 / 30,000 miles £ 587.61

Year 4 / 40,000 miles £ 1198.01

Year 5 / 50,000 miles £ 587.51

Year 5 / 50,000 miles £ 1056.95 post 2006

Year 6 / 60,000 miles £ 1032.56 GT & GTC

Year 6 / 60,000 miles £ 1004.13 Flying Spur

Year 6 / 60,000 miles £1408.19 GT & GTC post 2010

Year 6 / 60,000 miles £1384.84 Flying Spur post 2010

Year 7 / 70,000 miles £ 587.51

Year 8 / 80,000 miles £1198.01

Year 9 / 90,000 miles £587.51

Year 10 / 100,000 miles £1372.61

All prices listed include  labour, parts & lubricants, and collection & delivery within 40 mile Radius * plus VAT . Followed by a complementary valet.

* subject to transporters availability at time required.

All prices updated January 2013, Occasional price variations may occur due to manufacturers parts fluctuations.

Please feel free to contact our service department with the exact specification of your motorcar. We will advise on service and other works necessary and be pleased to provide you with a competitive fixed cost service schedule for your consideration.