Leather Renovation

Even with the very best quality leather that is used to trim Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars may start to look a bit shabby.

We have seen a number of car interiors ruined by clients entrusting  their cars to inexperienced companies who heavily re-colour in an attempt to renovate the leather.

We find in many cases a professional detailed leather clean is all that is required and with vehicles that have received heavier  wear to the shoulders of the seats and arm rests, localised re-colouring in matching colour is all that is required, after which an oil treatment is given to retain the suppleness of the hide and rejuvenating your car’s interior appearance.

Should you be unfortunate to have suffered cuts or deep scuffs please visit our trimming page as we have all the facilities to restore your trim to its former glory.

We will be pleased to assess your trim, advise and estimate your requirements.