Wood Veneering

Along with the quality leather trim it is the fine detail of the veneered wood work and highly polished lacquer that make the interior of Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor cars sononomouse with luxury.

Re-lacquering and local repairs are regular tasks for us to rectify accidental chips and scratches. We will endeavour to colour match if an individual piece needs repairing but with older cars and the inevitable sun fading and cracking of the lacquer a total re-lacquer will certainly enhance your car.

Veneering we can locally repair damage to existing fascias, paying attention to the detailing and colouring of the veneer prior to re-lacquering, through to totally re-veneering whole cars to the client’s requirements allowing you to choose from a number of different veneers, inlays and boxwood cross banding also including ebony Piano finish too.

Bespoke cabinets and panels, to date we have constructed replacement components through to, cocktail cabinets, re designed dashboards to take satnav/ TV screens, air-condition facia vents, constructed door panels and phone plinths too.

Please talk with our coach work department, whatever your requirements most things are possible if your budget will allow your imagination to be fulfilled.

Whatever your requirements, from a re-polish to remove a scratch or a total new veneer we at RR&B Garages will be pleased to assist.